Eat, Pray, Love – A Journey Of Self Discovery

Feed your soul and please your palate with mouth-watering wine and cuisine in Italy, find inner peace at a tranquil ashram in intoxicatingly exotic India and learn to love once again on the breathtaking beaches of Bali with this private guided journey of self-discovery based on the bestselling novel Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Stimulate your senses with an appetizing culinary journey through Italy, a land renowned for its gastronomic pleasures. Led by your expert private guide you’ll tour Rome, Naples and Bologna. Dine on delicacies like panini, prosciutto and Chianti during a luscious picnic, sip celebrated vintages in the company of a sommelier, create time-honored Italian classics during cooking courses, visit aromatic food markets and take a tantalizing chocolate and wine tour.

Next it’s off to India to tend to your mind, spirit and soul during an enlightening tour of Delhi, Rishikesh, and Varanasi. Spend 5 nights at an intimate world renowned ashram with a master of Raj Yoga, enjoy pilgrimages to a myriad of holy monuments and sacred highlights, delight in a dawn boat ride down the holy Ganges river, visit the ancient ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri, take a private guided tour of the Taj Mahal, stroll through the park where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma after his enlightenment and journey to Manikarnika Ghat to view the beautiful death rituals and rites that the Hindus perform.

In the final phase of your voyage reconnect with your heart during a private tour of the tropical paradise that is Bali. Rich in visual beauty and blanketed with exquisite little offerings to the gods that materialize as if by magic, Bali will leave you with a sense of well-being and a happy heart. Explore Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, visit fine art galleries and watch craftsmen at work, take in a theatrical performance of a traditional sacred sanghyang dance, tour shrines and pavilions dedicated to love, journey through the rural heartland of Bali, and tantalize your taste buds with an appetizing culinary course.

Eat, Pray and Love – Enhance your connection to each of these pleasures in the cultural setting best known to represent it. Take this incredible holiday with a loved one, family or friends. If you can’t take this much time away from your day to day life, pick your favorite part of the journey or let Kensington help you create a tour of self discovery customized just for you!

Learn More About This Incredible Journey Here


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