New! at Kensington – Explorer in Residence Program

Launched only this month, our Explorer-in-Residence tours feature unique itineraries to hidden corners of the world. These itineraries take travelers to out of the way places. Most have been built in consultation with our Explorers-in-Residence. Some are expensive, some require really hard work, and some are simply unfairly caricatured in the press. All promise a unique experience. All of our tours are carefully managed by our local offices and local expert guides to ensure you have a safe and supported adventure.

Kensington CEO Jeff Willner and the first Explorer in Residence Mikael Strandberg recently undertook a scouting mission to The Democratic Republic of the Congo to assess its potential and readiness as a destination for intrepid travellers.  Congo itineraries – featuring endangered Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Pygmy tribes and the Nyiragongo volcano – will be the first offered in the Explorers-in-Residence series.  Other itineraries under development will include camel trekking experience across the Oman desert, walking safari through Maasai lands, arctic exploration and adventures in Yemen .

Make your  tour truly special by requesting one of our Explorers-in-Residence as a traveling companion. Imagine traveling the hidden corners of the world with a world famous explorer as your guide! The Kensington Tours Explorer-in-Residence program offers this rare privilege. A Private Guided tour to remote parts of the world, featuring one of the world’s greatest explorers!


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