The Greatest Underwater Adventure In The World

Honduras Into the Abyss Submarine Adventure

Adventurers will travel 25,200 feet deep into the abyss of the Caribbean ocean aboard the world’s only purpose-built deep water commercial submarine (2 passengers, 1 pilot) on this thrilling excursion. Based from the tropical island paradise of Roatan, Honduras & led by the sub’s famous captain, they’ll tour the unexplored ocean floor of the Cayman Trench from the sub’s large plexiglass viewing bubble. They’ll see rare Jurassic 6-gilled sharks 20 feet long, haunting shipwrecks, eels, free-swimming sea cucumbers, cat sharks, tripod fish, polka-dotted anglers & strange unidentifiable sea creatures that date back to a time before the dinosaurs. Featuring multiple submarine dives, an afternoon swimming with a dolphin pod, snorkelling, the 5 star Palmetto Bay Plantation, private transfers & much more. – Extend this incredible tour with a couple days enjoying Roatan’s world class diving.
Prices for 5 days start from $3,469 pp.


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